2018, you taught me…

2018, you taught me…

The new year has really got me in the mood for reflection, as I’m sure it has for plenty of other people. I kind of feel like during 2018 I had a few lightbulb moments or gradual realisations about my own life or the course of life in general, or even just really menial, silly things. So why not share – you might even relate to some…

  1. There is such thing as too much fake tan. I’ve always been an avid user of fake tan since I was 16 and believe me, I’ve experienced many highs and lows in my fake tanning journey (if there is such a thing). However, I’ve kind of always had the mentality that you can’t go wrong if you keep on layering the tan. But now, many a blotchy chest and peeling knees later, I’ve got to chill. Pretty much sick of the sight of my orange cracked hands, dried out from too much St. Moritz. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t stop fake tanning…just less of it.
  2. Other people won’t always treat you how you treat them. Pretty obvious one, which I should have learnt by now, but I reckon I make this mistake over and over again. I’m sometimes ridiculously nice to people and go out of my way to make sure they’re happy and comfortable. In a couple (minority, I will say) of cases, this hasn’t exactly been returned and I’ve been shocked at the selfishness of some people. Thing is, some people are just a bit selfish, and you really can’t expect a lot from them. It’s a bit of a gutting realisation but lowering your expectations of people definitely avoids disappointment and anxiety.
  3. Towards the end of the year I saw this image on instagram and it really resonated with me:
Sorry for the quality, I couldn’t find a better one!
Credit: https://www.websta.org/tag/youllloveus

‘Don’t let the internet rush you, nobody is posting their failures’

I’ve actually got this picture as my phone home screen at the moment, just as a reminder. Over 2018 especially, I’ve been really affected by what I see on other people’s social media i.e. their apparent ‘success’ and feeling pressurised by or envious of it. As I’m having some sort of time off at the moment (Due to living at home, I feel like I’m on a constant summer break despite working full time), seeing everyone else out in the big wide world has made me feel like I’m falling behind and failing at the successful grad life. But honestly, this just isn’t the case. From speaking with uni friends I’ve learnt that grad life in the city isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – there’s plenty I don’t see. Another way to think of it – Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook etc. is just a highlight reel of our lives and it never shows the bad bits. In fact, the other day, I was scrolling through my Instagram stories archive and not gonna lie, my life looks bloody fabulous on Instagram. I’d probably be jealous of me if I saw those stories every week. So, I’m just as guilty as everyone else.

4. You can say no to things. We all know FOMO is pretty shit but it’s not possible to be everywhere all at once. Sometimes you just need time for yourself and it’s not worth spreading yourself so thin just to please people. If you say no, no one will care as much as you think – other people are pretty flaky anyway!

5. Tidy room, tidy mind. This might seem a little basic or childish, but before 2018 I reckon I was pretty untidy and used to leave clothes and all sorts of things strewn around my room. But now I’ve finally mastered the art of keeping my bedroom a clear space to think and be productive. Not being dramatic, but this one was pretty life changing on a basic level.

6. Buying something new will not make you feel better. Ok, so there 100% is a temporary high from buying some new clothes or a random new accessory when you’re feeling a little down. However, emphasis on the word temporary, since it just leaves you poorer and in the end, just as dissatisfied.

Hope you enjoyed this insight into what 2018 taught me. Let’s see what 2019 has in store!

Liv x

Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash


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