a never ending struggle: headaches and migraines

a never ending struggle: headaches and migraines

Do any of you suffer with frequent headaches or migraines? If you don’t, I am so incredibly envious of you yet so glad for you that you don’t. If you do, I feel your pain (quite literally).

I suffer with regular headaches and the occasional crushing migraine and have done since my teens. I’ve been to the doctor about it a few times and they’ve never been overly concerned that anything serious is going on, mainly because I don’t exhibit any other serious symptoms. This week, after a few particularly painful headaches, I’m planning on heading back to the doctor to see if it’s necessary for me to change my contraceptive pill, as a few people have suggested to me that this might be causing them.

A migraine is pretty final, you can’t do anything and you have to head to bed for at least a day or two. You’ll probably feel very sick alongside the splitting pain in your head and have 0 energy. It’s also almost impossible for me to sleep it off as the pain is so severe that I can’t actually relax enough to sleep. So yeah, migraines are god damn awful and once they get going they’re almost impossible to stop.

Headaches that aren’t quite migraines are incredibly frustrating. A bad headache isn’t quite enough to write me off for the day, meaning I still have to make an effort for the whole day. The problem is, they can make me irritable and a little grumpy, since it’s hard to focus on much else other than the pain in my head. There’s also a tendency to receive the old ‘it’s just a headache!’, which is so very infuriating. Finding people who can relate to the struggles of migraines and headaches is simply the best, as they can truly understand how truly maddening and painful these time periods are and they can also offer advice or soothing methods.

I’m still struggling to find a cure for my headaches or something that significant relieves them, since paracetamol and ibuprofen pretty much does nothing for them now. Sometimes I ice or apply heat to my head, which certainly soothes the pain but doesn’t get rid of it. I’ve used forehead strips and gels but to little avail. Massaging pressure points and known migraine zones does work somewhat but you often need someone there to help you out. All in all, it’s an exasperating process.

Nor do I really know what causes these headaches and migraines. At school or university, I was likely to get a headache after spending too much time on my laptop working or reading, which was pretty normal and often the case for a lot of my fellow students. I’d also get them from stress or significant lack of sleep which also made sense. Unsurprisingly, alcohol can play a role but there is no rhyme or reason to this. Sometimes I could drink a fair bit and mix my drinks with no headache the next day, but then the next time I have a single glass of white wine I can wake up the next morning with a full-blown migraine. Too long of a gap between meal times can cause them… an extreme temperature change can also contribute… too much bread and cheese can also have an effect. Sadly, chocolate at the wrong time is another culprit.

Seriously, what can I do that won’t give me a headache?! Sometimes I can go for weeks without one or I have 3 lingering ones in 10 days, who knows…

Headaches and migraines can often cause me to feel down and extremely tired, but I’m determined to push on and get to the route of their cause and continue to work towards the best cure (fingers crossed).

I would love to know if any of you have experiences with anything similar to this or know anyone that does, please let me know!



Liv x



  1. November 7, 2018 / 1:22 am

    I am so sorry you get those awful buggers!! I don’t get them too often but when it happens, they’re HUGE MIGRAINES. The kind that basically incapacitate me and I just want to die 🙈 they don’t usually last for more than 24 hours or at least it’s not as bad after that! It sucks that there are so many triggers for you 😫 I hope you are able to find something that can remedy it!💜


    • gradgirldiary
      November 7, 2018 / 7:53 am

      Ah thank you for the comment Geraldine! Aww I really do feel your pain, they are absolutely awful. Thanks so much ☺️

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