I don’t know about anyone else, but I love watching youtubers. I sort of thought that in my twenties I would probably stop watching youtube in that sense, but I’m actually becoming more obsessed. Youtube is relaxing and comforting; I’ve always got it on in the background whether I’m getting ready, tidying up or just chilling.

I also find several youtubers really motivating and inspiring in terms of productivity, fashion or their general lifestyle.

Gonna be honest, I only watch girls on youtube, just because I haven’t come across a male youtuber that I resonate with or engage with their content particularly.

So here are my two favourite female youtubers at the moment!

1. Danielle Carolan

Danielle is so great! She’s an American youtuber at the University of Georgia who mainly blogs about college and her life as a youtuber. She has pretty varied content as she also covers make up, clothing hauls, grocery hauls and Q and A’s.

I love her college vlogs the most, because they’re motivating and fun to watch.

What I love about Danielle is that she always seems so cheerful and on top of her sh*t. Of course, I’m not assuming that Danielle is like this 100% of the time but she seems like she’s doing a pretty good job. Whenever I watch her videos, I immediately always try to do something productive such as simply tidying my room or finishing off the rest of my to do list. Danielle manages to keep on top of her college work alongside her youtube commitments and still maintains a social life and participation in a sorority. It’s seriously impressive and reminds me that I am totally capable of juggling my life which is nowhere near as busy! I also really enjoy the insight into American college life.

Ohh and she has really cute clothes, always looks put together and her videos are always well edited. Definitely check her out if this sounds like your kind of thing.

2. Allegra Shaw

One word to describe Allegra is: COOL. God, this girl is really, really cool. I saw a comment on one of her youtube vids: Allegra is the ultimate cool girl. Sorry, I know I’ve said cool too many times now but it’s so true.

Allegra is a Canadian youtuber who posts a mixture of fashion and beauty vids, alongside vlogs. She’s probably best known for her excellent styling vids.

If you’re looking for style inspiration, this is your go to girl. Honestly, her style is absolutely fantastic. It looks effortless, put together and so, so stylish. It’s also fairly realistic and definitely possible within a budget. My absolute fave vid from her is this one:

It’s one of the best of its kind out there.

Not only is her fashion sense incredible, Allegra comes across as really down to earth and funny; the sort of girl you’d like to be friends with. She’s got a lovely relationship with her boyfriend and ngl, I just have a massive girl crush.

Who are your favourite youtubers?



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